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ComCan Health Care is THE place for veterans interested in cannabis. Our founders are both children of disabled veterans, and we understand the needs of those who have served. We are committed to partnering with national and local veterans’ organizations to help veterans suffering from chronic pain, stress related to a return to civilian life, or other ailments. We won’t just send you home with an ID card referral; at ComCan Health Care we will always listen to you, respect you, and do our best to help you, whether or not our program is right for you.

Our current partners in supporting veterans are Vet Power Industries, ABC Biz Supply, and Operation120. Vet Power Industries works with ABC Biz Supply to create education, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities to support veteran and veteran-owned businesses. Vet Power Industries works to create education, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities to support veteran and veteran-owned businesses. ComCan Health Care,LLC is a proud partner with Vet Power in developing a comprehensive program that addresses a full spectrum of veterans’ needs, with medicinal cannabis as one spoke in a very large wheel.

Operation120 is a non-profit organization with the driven purpose of serving active military, veterans, and their families. ComCan Health Care,LLC will work with Operation120 to provide “pets for vets”, a companion pet program for eligible veterans. Operation120 will work closely with us in our Delray Beach center. We hope you will check back often for the latest news on the development of our complete veterans’ program.

We are committed to making cannabis affordable for all veterans in need. and will work with our partners to develop funding for those veterans who cannot afford our program. We are pleased to offer a 20% military discount on initial visits and additional discounts on all products and services in appreciation of your service to our country.

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Canada: Patients Dramatically Reduce Their Opioid Use Following Cannabis Access
Toronto, Canada: Pain patients enrolled in Canada’s legal medical cannabis access program significantly reduce their use of opioids over the long-term, according to longitudinal data provided by Tilray Canada Ltd – one of the nation’s largest, licensed provider of medicinal marijuana products.

VFW Resolution No. 627 Supports Research on Medical Cannabis Treatments.

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